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Brasserie de Marsinne


Brasserie de Marsinne


Nicolas Declercq and Tanguy van der Eecken founded the Brasserie de Marsinne in 2013 in Tanguy’s family farm in Marsinne, Belgium. They met in college, while studying brewing and marketing, and shared the dream of the re-birth of the Marsinne Brewery that was last led in 1866 by a brewer named Leopold.

According to the legend, brewer Leopold invented a unique and original brew that became famous in the region. This legendary beer is what inspired Nicolas and Tanguy to create a new and original style of Belgian Ale, combining the hallmark qualities for which Belgium is so famously known.

The brewery is committed to sustainable development practices that minimize the impact of the company on the environment. The ingredients used are either from organic farming or locally produced. The energy used in the brewing process is recycled. The dregs feed the cattle on the farm and the water leaves the facility free of cleaning agents. In the Belgian market, the label free bottles are washed and refilled.

Towards this end, the goal for Brasserie de Marsinne is to produce a carbon neutral beer by the end of 2016. Moving forward, and in an effort to reduce the global carbon footprint of the Leopold7 ale consumed in California, a project to eventually brew Leopold7 in Monterey California is in the works. Leopold7 is a “Madeleine Wines” selection.


Leopold 7 Belgian Ale

Three grains and three hops follow a long maturation process and a second fermentation in the bottle to produce a full bodied and creamy, slightly amber colored, double ale. The traditional “Belgian White” spices are also used in the process, resulting in a refined bouquet of floral and citrus notes. The entry is rich and smooth, while a light carbonation and slightly bitter finish make for a seductive yet robust, drinking experience.