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Sota els Àngels


Sota els Àngels


A drive through the Catalonian wine region of Empordà is to experience some of the most beautiful and pristine geography in southern Europe. The Gavarres, a mountain range that runs both north-south and east-west and in the region of Costa Brava is where Maria Polanco and Guy Jones founded Sota els Àngels.

In the center of the north face of the mountain, and surrounded by a cork forest, Maria and Guy tend 3.25 hectares of vineyards planted to carignan, merlot, viognier, picapoll, red, white & grey grenache, and syrah. All of the farming proceeds according to biodynamic principles, with the firm belief that this type of natural farming is optimal towards the expression of each variety as well as the health of the environment. 

In the cellar, the winemaking regime adheres to a vigilant, albeit less interventionist style of production. All wines ferment via native yeasts, and are bottled without filtration. Fredi Torres, himself an accomplished winemaker in Priorat, advises Maria and Guy on the vinification of the Flow blanco, tinto and rosado. Deliciously fresh and energetic are apt descriptors for this range of biodynamically produced wine.


Sota Els Àngels "Flow" Blanco Empordà

Carignan Rouge, pressed the same day as harvest, imparts just the slighted tinge of pink to this brisk and mineral laden white.


Sota Els Àngels "Flow" Rosado Empordà 

Carignan Rouge provides fruit, and a touch of floral, while picapoll contributes tension and freshness to this fruit driven rosado.


Sota Els Àngels "Flow" Tinto Empordà

A hefty dose of Carignan Rouge imparts a charming rusticity to this biodynamically farmed tinto from Costa Brava.