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Étienne Doué


Étienne Doué

Domaine Champagne Étienne Doué is located in the commune of Montgueux in the Aube wine region of Champagne. As a grower who produces Champagne from his estate vineyards (RM) Étienne is part of a select group of “vigneron independent” who believe in growing, vinifying and selling only the wines that they produce.

The vineyards of the estate are located in the southern region of Champagne known as the Aube. The soils here contain a higher degree of clay than its neighbors to the north (Montagne de Reims, Cotes de Blanc, Valley of the Marne) Nevertheless, along with the Kimmeridgian marls and gray clays so prevelant in this region, the vineyards of Étienne Doué also exhibit a scattered degree of hard limestone, limestone, and some chalk. With this soil profile and the continental climate of the region, Étienne has elected to cultivate Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Winemaking at Champagne Étienne Doué is strait-forward and uncomplicated. The grapes are hand-harvested, then vinified in stainless steel vats. For all of the white wines, malolactic fermentation is carried out. The wines are then lightly filtered, but not fined. No oak is used in the vinification of the wines.

Bright, delicate, expressive and fun are great descriptors for the wines of Champagne Etienne Doué. Whether they are enjoyed on their own as a toast to begin the festivities, or as a delicate complement to a specific gastronomic course, the Champagnes of Etienne Doué are always an characterful and memorable addition.


Étienne Doué "Cuvée Sélection" Brut NV

Both delicate and fruity, with a bouquet of citrus, white peaches, and white flowers. The “Cuvée Sélection” is a pretty, bright and seamless entry point to the wines from Étienne Doué.


Étienne Doué "Cuvée Réserve" Brut NV

Vibrant and explosive notes of meyer lemon, almonds and sea salt. The “Cuvée Réserve” is aterrific rendition of Blancs de Blanc from Étienne Doué.