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Sacred Thirst Selections

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“If feelings fail you, vain will be your course and idle what you plan unless your art stems from the soul with elemental force” – Faust (Goethe)

Who is Sacred Thirst? A small collective of wine professionals united by our passion and dedication to wine. Who we are as individuals is of no great importance, for although our inherent individuality and differences contributes to our strength, we revel in operating as a unified entity. Working together, our combined experience and variance of opinions ultimately yield a stronger vision of our shared goals:  To champion winegrowers and individuals dedicated to producing authentic wines that exemplify precision and soul.

To that end, we seek out those individuals that, like us artfully extol balance, and who strive to do the best with the materials they were given. We refrain from fanaticism, be they wines made or sold for hubris by those who only look at the bottom line, or by producers that categorically prioritize ideals such as “natural” “organic” or “biodynamic” over true quality and authenticity.

As a group, our ethos is grounded in the notion that finding peace or contentment is often temporary, and that the journey towards fulfillment is often far more valuable than attaining the goal itself. And so, we are reverent of both hunger and thirst. It is our sincere hope that on this journey of life, and through wine, we at Sacred Thirst can in some small manner contribute to a new level of spirituality and communion amongst us all. Feelings and passion must never fail us.

To Hunger and Thirst! - Sacred Thirst Selections