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César Marquez

César Márquez


César Marquez Perez has deep roots in Bierzo. His family founded the Castro Ventosa winery in 1752 and they still own it today. Thanks to that long history, he has access to many of the top sites in the region. He has grown up in the vines and wineries in Bierzo and has learned from his elders, including his uncle Raul Perez. And now he has his own project. He launched his solo project in 2015 with 4 wines. Today he makes 7 wines from 6 HA of 80 to 120 year old vines.

He is a part of the new wave of Spanish vignerons who have a knowledge of the greater world of wine and also a respect for and connection to the land around him. He is finding old vines in uniques sites and vinifying them separately to showcase the ability of Mencía to transmit terroir. He is structuring his lineup of wines in Burgundian fashion - appellation wine, village wine, single vineyard wines. He is farming organically. He is using partial whole cluster, reductive winemaking and low sulfur. He is making wines that are not just great for Bierzo or Spain, but that stand along the best wines from any region or country.

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César Márquez “La Salvación” Bierzo Blanco

This wine comes from 100 year old Godello vines scattered throughout 2 different old vine sites co-planted to primarily red grapes. César tags the white vines and harvests them separately to produce this unique wine, allowing the voice of these old vines to be heard.

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César Márquez “Parajes” Bierzo

This is the appellation wine. A blend of 7 different villages around the Bierzo appellation. A great introduction to the style of César Márquez and one of the best values in the entire portfolio.

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César Márquez “Las Firmas” Bierzo

The Las Firmas is the village wine. The grapes come from 2 sites in the village of Valtuille, considered the most prestigious village in Bierzo. More power and depth and also a tighter focus on one specific area and terroir.

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César Márquez “El Rapolao” Bierzo

One of the 4 Vinos de Parcela. Rapolao is the coolest of the 4 single vineyard wines. It is located in the village of Valtuille and is certainly the most famous vineyard in Bierzo.

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César Márquez “El Llano” Bierzo

One of the 4 Vinos de Parcela. El Llano is also in Valtuille, but higher elevation. It is one of the highest vineyards of the Valuille area, giving it longer sun exposure and greater wind exposure as well. The result is a warmer site that ripens first among the single vineyards.

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César Márquez “Sufreiral” Bierzo

One of the 4 Vinos de Parcela. Sufreiral is a mountain side vineyard in the village of Toral. Limestone soils (uncommon in Bierzo), high elevation and steep slopes make this site unique. Always a very elegant wine.

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César Márquez “Pico Ferriera” Bierzo

One of the 4 Vinos de Parcela. This is only 300 meters away from Sufreiral, but it is on the opposite side of the mountain with opposite exposure. It is in the village of Corullon. The soils here are very rocky, primarily slate, and the roots do not penetrate well. The clusters are always smaller here and the wines always more robust.