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Champ Divin


Champ Divin

Fabrice and Valerie Closset-Gaziaux both have educational backgrounds in agronomy and earth sciences. After having spent extensive time working to develop sustainable farming practices in Africa and then helping growers in the Loire develop organic and naturally balanced vineyards for 8 years, they decided (in 2008) to procure vineyards in South-Revermont, in the “premier plateau” of Jura.

Fabrice and Valerie acquired 5 hectares of land on which they grow Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Savagnin and employ biodynamic farming practices. They emphasize patience and observance as two necessary principles for understanding their locale,  and learning from their sites to better accommodate a balance in the vineyard.

CLOSSET-Chardonnay 2014.jpg

Champ Divin Chardonnay Côtes du Jura

Champ Divin’s cuvée of chardonnay is fresh and delicate; notes of pear, along with hints of yellow peaches and biscuit on a finely tuned finish. A delicious and very approachable example of Jurassien chardonnay.

CLOSSET-Pinot Noir 2015.jpg

Champ Divin Pinot Noir Côtes du Jura

Champ Divin’s cuvée of pinot noir is fresh and snappy; crunchy cherry, along with hints of damson and anise on a finely tuned finish. A great example of Jurassien pinot noir at its finest.

CLOSSET-Crémant ZD 2014.jpg

Champ Divin Crémant du Jura Brut Zéro (vintage)

Plenty of ripe fruit keeps this this zero dosage Crémant from being overly austere. Champ Divin's farmer fizz gets all of the first pass (early picked) fruit, and then only free run juice.


Champ Divin "Soleil Blanc" Côtes du Jura Savagnin

Champ Divin’s Soleil Blanc hails from a single parcel known as Aux Molates. Floral notes of nuances of fresh pineapple make the Soleil Blanc a worthy accompaniment to delicately spiced dishes.


Champ Divin "Cuvée Castor" Côtes du Jura

Champ Divin's Chardonnay - Savagnin is produced in the Ouillé manner – a non oxidative style of wine making. The emphasis here is more on freshness and vibrancy.


Champ Divin "Cuvée Pollux" Côtes du Jura

A baby Vin Jaune. Spearmint, citrus, honey, spice, etc. Super complex and very long.


Champ Divin Macvin du Jura Blanc NV

Champ Divin's spirit for their Macvin is distilled in house and aged 2+ years before blending. . The result is a very elegant wine that works very well both before and after dinner.


Champ Divin "Rubis" Macvin du Jura Rouge NV

Reminiscent of a high end flavored grappa. The spirit is distilled in house and aged 2+ years before blending. Further aging before bottling allows everything to harmonize and gain some added complexity. A phenomenal pairing with blue cheeses, dark chocolate or dried figs.