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Domaine Gris des Bauries


Domaine Gris des Bauries


Domaine Gris des Bauries was created in 2007 by two couples: Patrick & Gina Cordet (pictured cutting vines and opening wine) along with Claire-Lise & Charles Wyplosz (pictured among the vines and with the pipette), who collectively share a great passion for wine. Based in the village of Taulignan in the southern Rhône Valley, this small team does everything themselves (with occasional help for bringing in the harvest), mostly by hand, and while carrying out their other “day” jobs. They favor a low-tech, authentic and natural approach, as they do not wish to “override” what nature gives them each vintage. Each parcel is tended to separately and farmed organically.

All grapes are fermented with their native yeasts, while sulfite additions are kept to the bare minimum. A final blending is carried out to produce wines with different characters and nuanced flavor profiles. The wines are patiently aged before bottling and released only when deemed ready, which is usually 2-3 years after harvest. The result is small range of well balanced and balanced wines, each with a strong personality, reflecting the specificity of the vintage. Domaine Gris des Bauries is certified organic by ECOCERT.


Gris des Bauries "Les Chaix" Côtes du Rhône

Les Chaix is a wonderful introduction to the wines of Domaine Gris des Bauries. Red berry fruits, laurel, a delicate tea smoke are matched by a bright acidity. Perhaps testament to the fact that the domaine is situated at the northernmost geographic limit of where grenache is grown in the Rhône Valley.


Gris des Bauries "Duo des Achaux" Côtes du Rhône Villages

Duo des Achaux refers to the duo of grape varieties of grenache and syrah, grown in Domaine Gris des Bauries’ estate vineyards. A complex mix of flavors that include nuances of spicebox, violet, laurel and strawberry. A generous, yet suave Rhône red.


Gris des Bauries "Serre de la Dame" Côtes du Rhône

Gris des Bauries “Serre de la Dame” draws comparison to the more elegant and cool climate reds of the Northern Rhône Valley. Nuances of spices, pepper, violet, thyme and licorice are underpinned by pleasantly bright acidity and fine tannins.