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Finca Teira


Manuel Formigo



Manuel Formigo “Formigo” Ribeiro Blanco

A light, crisp and delicate Ribeiro Blanco from Finca Teira. A great starting point to the wines from this family owned domaine.


Manuel Formigo "Finca Teira“ Ribeiro Blanco

A delightful and lively Ribeiro blanco from Finca Teira. The mid-palate displays a touch of flora-matic and stone fruit notes, matched by a snappy acidity on the finish. Absolutely delicious.


Manuel Formigo “Teira X” Ribeiro Blanco

Teira X comes from the single vineyard Miñoteira.  It is the top vineyard of Manuel Formigo and boasts some of the oldest vines of Treixadura in the region.  Profound yet lively, nuanced and fresh.


Manuel Formigo “Cholo” Ribeiro Blanco

 Cholo means 'solo' in Gallego.  It is Manuel's nickname and also signifies that this wine is 100% Loureira.  Most often used as a blending grape, Manuel makes this stellar varietal version only in good years.