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Domaine de la Renardière


Domaine de la Renardière

The commune of Pupillin is home to the estate and vineyards of Domaine de la Renardière. Here, vigneron Jean-Michel Petit farms and vinifies a range of red and white wines that are arguably some of the best wines in the Jura. The domaine was established in 1990 and presently encompasses 7.5 hectares of vineyards. Half of Jean-Michel’s production is devoted to red (Pinot Noir, Poulsard, Trousseau) and half to white wine (mostly chardonnay, with a bit of Savagnin).

Since 2003 all vineyard practices and applications have been organic. The domaine acheived organic certification in 2012. In the cellar, Jean-Michel adheres to traditional methods of winemaking. Fermentation takes place via native yeasts, and sulfur additions are only utilized when deemed necessary. Elevage takes place in foudres for the red wines, and a combination of older barrique and foudre for the white wines.


Domaine de la Renardière 'Jurassique' Arbois-Pupillin Chardonnay

From limestone soils and vines around 20 years old.  Fermented and aged in old barrels that are kept topped up. 


Domaine de la Renardière 'Les Vianderies' Arbois-Pupillin Old Vine Chardonnay

This is from a .8HA plot of his oldest Chardonnay vines planted on Marl.  Fermented and aged in 400L barrels.  More showy than the Jurassique - very polished and sexy but still with the underlying Jura twang.  


Domaine de la Renardière 'L'Oubliee' Arbois Arbois-Pupillin Chard-Savagnin

A blend of 75% Chardonnay harvested a bit on the late side and 25% Savagnin harvested with crunchy acidity.  Generally aged in new oak.  It's a combination that yields a fascinating and delicious wine.  


Domaine de la Renardière 'Les Terasses' Arbois-Pupillin Savagnin Ouillé

Topped up version of Savagnin from a single steep hillside vineyard.  A medium to full bodied white that shows all the complexity, texture and nobility of Savagnin.


Domaine de la Renardière Arbois-Pupillin Savagnin

Jean-Michel Petit’s 'sus voile' version of Savagnin, which spends 40 months aging in barrels that are not topped up.  Lovely, complex, yet subtle oxidative notes, complemented by a long and fine finish.


Domaine de la Renardière  Arbois-Pupillin  Ploussard

The region’s very own Ploussard, otherwise known as Poulsard, makes for a delicate and snappy red in Domaine de la Renardière's rendition of the variety.  Although the color may lead one to think this wine is delicate, Jean Michel says this is his red with real legs - the one to lay down in the cellar.  And he has backed up that statement with beautiful old bottles from his cellar.   We say it's hard not to drink this all the same month it arrives.  


Domaine de la Renardière  Arbois-Pupillin  Trousseau

The more dense and meaty but also more fruity of the two reds at Renardière.  This wine tends to shows better earlier and disappear first.   Still a light to medium bodied red, but like so many Jura reds, it's power is sneaky and there is plenty of impact.   


Jean-Michel Petit Vin de Paille Arbois-Pupillin

The domaine’s classic rendition of a Vin Doux Naturel from the Jura. Rich, long and fine, with notes of acacia, honey and saffron.