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Château Laballe


Château Laballe

photo credits: Ludovic Charles / LC Vision

photo credits: Ludovic Charles / LC Vision

Deep in the heart of Gascony, is Château Laballe, a family owned estate that produces an admirable range of still wines and perhaps more famously, the distilled spirit known as Armagnac. Château Laballe’s founding father, Jean-Dominique Laudet, purchased the domaine back in 1820. After a career in the spice trade, Jean-Dominique’s dream was to settle down in the country and produce France’s oldest spirit. Today, Cyril Laudet and his wife Julie represent the 8th generation to continue the family tradition of producing a range of fine Armagnacs.

Located at the edge of the Landes forest (France’s largest) and Gers river, Château Laballe lies in the terroir of Bas Armagnac. The soils here are largely composed of silty-sand and clay, with a high percentage of iron oxide. Known locally as Sables Fauves (tawny soils) its composition and profile is  perfectly suited to ugni blanc and baco, the grape varieties used in the production of Château Laballe’s Armagnac. True to tradition, the domaine has used the same copper still since 1923. The spirits then age in barrels made of oak from the nearby Landes forest. Throughout their elevage, the Armagnacs are also aerated two to three times a year in order to create a more harmonious and integrated spirit.



Laballe "Rich" 12 Year Bas Armagnac

The Rich 12 is aged for a minimum of 12 years in oak barrels from the Landais. It is soft, balanced and generous, with nuances of hummus, cumin and orange zest.


Laballe V.S.O.P Bas Armagnac

The youngest wine in Laballe's V.S.O.P is 4 years old. Nuances of white flowers, plums and vanilla with a supple and well rounded finish.


Laballe Hors d'Age Bas Armagnac

The youngest wine in Laballe's Hors d'Age is 10 years old. Powerful and rich, with notes of chestnut honey and prunes.


Laballe XO Extra Bas Armagnac

The youngest wine in Laballe's XO is 15 years old. Tobacco, dried fruits and cinnamon all harmoniously showcased in this grand Armagnac.