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Archambaud et Fils


Archambaud et Fils


Johan Archambaud says that to make great Cognac, you need to have a grandfather who made great Cognac.  Johan had 2 Grandfather's who made great cognac,  plus a few Great Grandfathers and Great-Great Grandfathers as well.   They have a document from 1791 granting the family official permission to distill - so the roots fun deep.   The family now owns and farms 36 HA in Grande Champagne on various terroirs (Lignieres-Sonneville, Saint Preuil, Criteuil-La- Magdeleine and Ambleville) and 32 HA in Petite Champagne in the Arthenac region - a zone known for superior quality in Petite Champagne.  Farming is Lutte Raisonee with a focus on biodiversity and sustainability.   

Johan is carrying on the family tradition, and as children often do, he is raising the bar.  He has grown up with his 3 Copper pot stills and his wife jokes that they are his brothers.  His understanding of the different methods of distillation in Cognac is encyclopedic.  Although his Grandfather bottled a little bit of Coganc, his family has generally always sold to the big houses.  Johan is now selecting a tiny portion of their production for this new endeavor.  These two bottlings represent the future of Archambaud Cognac.  They exist nowhere else in the world - except for a few bottles he kept for his father and for himself.  A world premiere from a rising star in Cognac.  Exciting stuff. 


Archambaud 413x275 - VS.jpg

Archambaud VS

Extremely charming for young-ish Cognac.  Defined by a fresh fruit core and sweet wood notes.  Great for mixing into cocktails and delicious on it's own as well.  

Archambaud front 413x275 - VSOP.jpg

Archambaud VSOP

Complex, smooth, powerful and very long.  A gorgeous spirit and a stellar first edition.