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M. Sánchez Ayala



M. Sánchez Ayala


Bodegas Miguel Sanchez Ayala was founded in 1798 in Sanlucar de Barremeda in the very nascent days of the Sherry traditions. (Parenthetically, it was also the nascent days of the United States. John Adams had just succeeded George Washington as President.)  Being one of the first Bodegas of the region came with perks – notably the Las Cañas vineyard and it’s location in Barrio Baja. The Las Cañas site is still the single origin of their wines, which is quite rare in the Jerez Triangle.  The Barrio Baja is the neighborhood best situated in Sanlucar for the formation of healthy flor – the true assistant winemaker in the making of Manzanilla.

The wines here are fermented with native yeast and all are minimally filtered before bottling.  Only free run juice is used. 

There is often debate about whether Sherry is a wine of process over terroir.  But here the focus is on both the traditions of Sherry production but also the history of the great terroir of the Las Cañas vineyard. 



M. Sánchez Ayala “Gabriela” Manzanilla Sanlúcar de Barrameda

A single vineyard Manzanilla sherry aged for 6 years in solera with 3 sacas a year.  Only free run juice is used and vinification is with native yeasts.  Nuances of chamomile, straw, iodine and mineral notes. Salty, fresh, and very persistent on the finish. 


M. Sánchez Ayala “Oro en Rama” Manzanilla Sanlúcar de Barrameda

En Rama literally means “raw” which, as it relates to sherry, indicates that the wine is bottled only after a light filtration and no fining.  But in truth, all the wines at Sanchez Ayala are bottled en Rama.  While this bottling is handled even less than the others, the real difference here is that this is a barrel selection.  The best barrels are pulled out and aged an extra 2 years.   Only 2 sacas a year.  This is basically a reserve bottling with longer aging.  The resulting sherry is slightly cloudy, but chock full of nuance and character.   A true reserve bottling.  


M. Sánchez Ayala "El Galeón" Oloroso Jerez-Xéres-Sherry

A very bright and lifted Oloroso made exclusively from juice originally classified for Manzanilla and aged well over 20 years. Nuances of orange peel, grilled bread, salty caramel and tobacco. Very complex and elegant.  This drinks a little more like an old Palo Cortado than an old Oloroso.  Special stuff.  1 saca a year.