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Thibaud Boudignon


Thibaud Boudignon

Thibaud Boudignon farms small parcels of Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc with his hands, heart and inspiration. As part of a new generation of Loire vignerons, Thibaud has committed himself to crafting honest wines that embody the spirit of the region. One could say that Boudignon drinks, breathes and lives wine, as he has renovated, re-built and lives above his centuries old cellar on the outskirts of Savennieres. This ardent devotion culminates in a select range of wines that speak to both the heart and the mind; wines that epitomize both precision and soul.


Thibaud Boudignon Anjou Blanc

With a tight core of saline terroir enveloped within ripe medium bodied fruit, this chenin blanc delivers a focused example of Thibaud’s style of ripe fruit matched with elegance and precision.


Thibaud Boudignon “à Francois(e)” Anjou Blanc

Cut like a diamond with clean lines and explosive fruit. Long detailed finish that fans out with a touch of creaminess. Still evolving and will reward the one who has patience. A worthy homage to his mother and grandfather.  


Thibaud Boudignon “Les Fougerais” Savennières

We tend to think Thibaud is redefining Savennières.  He takes all of the unruly power and energy of Chenin Blanc on Schist and focuses it into a laser beam of flavor and texture.  A truly phenomenal Savennières.


Thibaud Boudignon “Clos de la Hutte” Savennières

The newest addition to Thibaud’s range of Chenin Blanc comes from a half hectare plot within the Clos de la Hutte (1.5ha) lieu-dit. The vines are young but the wine is profound.  There is a long history to this site and Thibaud is channeling every bit of it here.  The volumes are miniscule -  1000 bottles released.


Thibaud Boudignon Rosé de Loire

Once upon a time this was made only for Sacred Thirst.  You can still find some bottles with a small dedication on the label.  But you can't hold something this beautiful all to yourself.  Happily the volumes have increased enough for the love to spread.  And love this we do.  Gorgeous rosé, as you might expect.