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L’Esprit Armagnac

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L’Encantada is an independent bottler of Armagnac. They search for unique casks from small, artisan producers. Many of the farmers they work with are no longer active, meaning they represent the last expression of that particular farm and that particular grower. Their office is a fantasy land for lovers of Armagnac, or of spirits in general - or of culture, history, experience, etc… Hundreds of sample bottles, dozens and dozens of dame jeanne bottles and casks, all at various fill levels with notes and small paper tag labels. it is a laboratory of gustatory delight. A visit there can meander for hours. They are very good at what they do - and what they do is source some of the most authentic, unique, high quality Armagnac available and bottle it without altering a thing. No fining or filtering and no additions of color or water. Everything is bottled at cask strength. The spirit of Armagnac.


Sélection l’Encantada - 20 year Bas Armagnac


Domaine Lassalle 1989 Bas Armagnac


Domaine Parre 1989 Bas Armagnac


Domaine Lous Pibous 2004 Bas Armagnac