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Pere Mata


Mata I Coloma - Pere Mata

The name of the winery is Mata I Coloma. The name of the winemaker is Pere Mata. The wines have individual names as well, but they all say ‘Pere Mata’ on the label, which is appropriate, as they are truly a reflection of one man’s passion. Pere farms 5 hectares in the town of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia in the heart of the Penedès, Catalunya.

The work is all organic and by hand. Pere only uses the classic grape varieties of Xarello, Macabeu and Parellada, as he feels that these are the grapes most suited to the task of speaking the terroir of Cava. The wines all spend at least 2 years on lees and some over 4 years. All of the wines are vintage dated and all have disgorgement dates listed on the back labels.  The quality and transparency of these sparkling wines inevitably brings up Champagne– but Pere is not attempting to make Champagne. He is making Cava with a level of dedication and craftsmanship that is usually associated with the world's greatest sparkling wine. The results are inspiring.


Pere Mata "Cupada No. 18"  Brut Nature Cava (vintage)

Fresh, bright and clean with white flowers and citrus lifting the slight bready quality. The fruit component really pops in this cuvée. Complex enough to keep you coming back for more but simple enough to drink with reckless abandon.


Pere Mata "cuvée Barcelona" Brut Nature Cava (vintage)

Generous & nuanced flavors of citrus fruit, melon, fresh almond, and barrel aged reserve wines. A versatile Cava with which to toast the evening, but with enough substance to carry through dinner.


Pere Mata "L'Ensamblatge" Brut Nature Cava (vintage)

A very complex Cava. Quite rich with floral, stone and yeast all very present. The texture is beautiful – very fine and delicate despite the weight of the wine. All three varieties are co-fermented with a small percentage agd in oak.  


Pere Mata "l'Origen" Brut Cava (vintage)

A wine meant to reflect the origins of Cava – using only co-fermented Macabeu and Xarello as was done with the first wines of Cava. The fruit is very precise and the acidity balances the dosage nicely. Very easy to drink. The fun lover of the bunch.


Pere Mata "Reserva Familia" Brut Nature Cava (vintage)

Extended lees aging, batonnage and reserve wines from barrel all contribute to a medium to full bodied Cava with loads of complexity. Bright fruit, nuts, fresh baked bread and chalk all vie for attention. Very long and very age worthy. This wine needs some time to open up; give it air and drink it slowly – or just open it early!


Pere Mata Trepat Rosé Brut Cava (vintage)

Winemaker Pere Mata’s special release of this 100% Trepat Rosé Cava is a pure delight. Fraises des bois, cranberry, hibiscus and spicy shiso notes complement the vibrancy and punchy finish of this limited release Cava.



Pere Mata "Cupada" Rosé Brut Nature Cava (vintage)

Snappy and bright with just the slightest hint of red berry spice. Elegance and finesse in spades.